The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

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The Best Celebrity Facial Hair

Whether you want a touch of scruff or the grizzliest beard of them all, you don’t need a Hollywood stylist to look as good as these guys.

Letting your hair grow in stripes gives each part of your face its own personality. A thin, immaculate mustache (and the bare skin all around it) says, “I give a damn,” while the wilder soul patch and beard say, “Maybe I don’t.” We like to call this look the Smooth Operator.

Works for: An oval, symmetrical face with curly hair that’s capable of being tamed.

How to get it: Again, a sharp blade and a trustworthy beard-and-hair trimmer are essential. The mustache will need daily attention, but even the scraggly parts below the mouth need weekly upkeep to minimize unruliness.


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