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The Best Ways to Treat, Cure, and Prevent Back Acne

Get rid of the nagging, unsightly skin problem for good.

Nothing is more disheartening than taking your shirt off—whether you're on the beach or in the sack—when you've got a colony of angry pimples on your back. Don't just think it'll go away on its own either; not treating acne can actually make your breakouts worse, according to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

And while there's no way to prevent it from happening in the first place or cure it so it doesn't happen again in the future, there are remedies and lifestyle fixes that can help treat your blemishes. First you have to know where you're going wrong.

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"Back acne is caused by the same factors that cause facial acne, i.e. hormones, germs, and sweat," says David Stoll, MD, an award-winning board certified celebrity dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. There's definitely a genetic component. (Thank Mom and Dad—or some other relative for the bad skin genes.) Some people are just genetically programmed to get acne.

Unfortunately, bacne is typically more severe in men than women. In fact, it's almost exclusive to men, Stoll adds.

Sweat is really your enemy here. Blemishes are formed by clogged pores. While there are pores covering your whole body; the follicles that house oil-producing sebum glands are biggest and most numerous on your face, upper back, and chest, according to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Starting to make sense now? When these glands produce too much oil, your pores get plugged up with dead skin, bacteria, and dirt. The result? Whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne—painful, sometimes red, deeply rooted pimples—and other lesions. Click to the next page to find out how to treat it!

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