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Celebrity Hairstylist Amy Komorowski Shares Grooming Secrets

Justin Timberlake lent us his hairstylist for the day so we could find out everything you need to know about taking care of your hair, from bad hair days to the best products.

JT has come a long way from his scary bleach blonde N’SYNC fro. Now he knows how to rock a stylish sophisticated look and that’s partly thanks to Amy Komorowski. As a celebrity men’s groomer and AXE hair expert Komorowski has worked her magic on a whole bunch of Hollywood A-listers like Justin, Mark Wahlberg and Denis Leary. The highly sought after stylist set aside some time from her jam-packed schedule to share her expert tips on hair care with us so you can look as sleek and sharp as a star.


MF: Tell us how you got started doing men’s hair.

AK: A lot of people don’t know what a "men's groomer" is. I deal with men’s hair and men’s skin—I make sure my clients look good for things like red carpet appearances and photo shoots. I’ve been at this now for about 12 years, but when I first got started, men’s grooming wasn’t even a niche or specialty. Like anyone else in this industry, I started doing hair and makeup on women but I moved on to men because I felt they were getting neglected, and that they needed a little love too. Now that niche has blown up, and it’s been great and really fun working with a fantastic arsenal of guys.

So how often should men cut their hair?

In general, I'd recommend that most guys get haircuts about once a month. But it can depend on their hair. Obviously if you have a buzz cut you'll have to buzz it every couple of weeks or so. And some guys' hair can grow really quickly so they may need additional cuts in a month. The right product is also crucial. Whether it's mousse, paste, gel or spray you can hide a multitude of things with product and that can keep a haircut looking better even longer.

Okay, and how about washing hair?

Well, I think guys should wash their hair every day. However, if they have coarse hair, curly hair or unruly hair, sometimes they can get away longer without washing it. When they wash hair like that every day, it becomes poofy or too soft. So I actually suggest that guys with curly or unruly hair use more conditioner and it kind of keeps it from going crazy. 

Do you think that it’s safe for guys to be cutting their own hair? Or do you think it’s safe for maybe a girlfriend to cut their hair?

I find that it’s usually not safe [laughs]. But I think it depends on the guy. If the guy’s a real rock-n-roll type and is sporting that homemade haircut, then he should totally go for it. I have a few clients whose wives cut their hair, and I have to say their hair actually looks really cool.

So what advice would you give a guy whose girlfriend or wife is going to cut his hair?

Hopefully that person is naturally inclined to cut hair and has a natural skill level for it. Cutting hair is all about angles. Here's my advice:

  • When cutting hair, pull the hair out at a 45-degree angle and cut the hair along a straight line.
  • If you make a mistake, the quickest way to fix it is to grab thinning shears to cut into that straight edge by going into the hair vertically and trimming the very tips, making it kind of jaggedy. This is an easy way to cover up a bad cut because it helps it fall a little bit better and more naturally.

Maintaining a buzz cut is something a guy can do himself once he’s had it professionally done.

  • Use a clipper or a buzzer—you can have it on a 1 or 2 setting—and just evenly rub the buzzer along your head making sure you hit your scalp. It’s the one cut that's pretty fool proof.

But guys cutting their own hair [cringes]…the most I'd recommend is that they can trim around the ear. And like I said even with trimming go in vertically and just do a light dusting across the hair.

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