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Celebrity Hairstylist Amy Komorowski Shares Grooming Secrets

Justin Timberlake lent us his hairstylist for the day so we could find out everything you need to know about taking care of your hair, from bad hair days to the best products.

Do you have any quick fixes for bad hair days?

A lot of people don't think guys have bad hair days, but they do.

  • If you have very flat or limp hair one day, or it’s super oily, use an anti-gravity dust hair powder, a dry shampoo or even hair spray since it has alcohol in it. Spray lightly or sprinkle the powder in the hair, work it in at the roots, and then brush it out. It will instantly soak up all the oils ahd give your hair more volume so you’ll be able to mold your hair better.

Also every guy should have a go-to styling aid because just using a little bit of product can help solve most problems. And that's my job basically, I’m a problem solver. I get clients in my seat and I may not have a lot of time. They may have had a bad haircut or they’re coming from a set where their hair was styled a certain way. Or their hair was cut a certain way for a character and I'm not allowed to change it. Products to me are my saving grace because I can hide anything, and mold the hair the way I want to.

Is there one universal product that every guy should have?

Yes. Every guy should have a paste or cream, like AXE's Understated Look Cream, because it’s very light weight. It’s going to just instantly add a little definition and separation to the hair. When a guy just washes and tries to go without any product the hair looks dry and just sits there like a little mound. But put just a little cream or paste into it and he will immediately look much more polished and put together.


How can a guy deal with that awkward phase when he’s trying to grow his hair out?

If your hair is growing out, try a new hairstyle, like a side part. That’s a quick way to disguise that awkward phase—just brush the hair to the side or back behind the ear. If the top is getting a little longer, try it off the forehead by slicking it away from the face with a comb and a small amount of gel for that simple but classic Mad Men look.

What tips do you have for guys with thinning hair?

Rogaine and vitamins. They work. They do, but there are some side effects. It’s not for every guy. Also, Rogaine and that type of product works better for that spot on the back of the head. But there are plenty of natural alternatives a guy can try.

  • Massaging the scalp which helps unclog pores because when pores are clogged, hair cannot emerge from the follicle.
  • Going in to the barber for oil treatments.
  • And you know what? If you've got a great head, just go ahead and buzz that hair off.

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