7. The black dress shoe Your father owned a pair, and for good reason. The black dress shoe is simply the shoe that has the most wearability. Elegant and timeless, the lace-up black oxford is a must have. It's the simplicity of the style, the minimal detailing, that really gives the shoe's leather a chance to shine. While you can find this shoe in every price range, splurging on the best leather you can afford makes a difference. 

8. The scarf Perfectly on trend for the last two seasons, the scarf isn't going anywhere (but on you). Not only does it keep your stubble warm, it can be a statement that says: I'm not afraid to show a little personality. Look for a scarf with a strong pattern in muted colors like sand or camel, or go for simple patterns with bold colors like red and orange. Wear your knit loosely wrapped or completely open. 

9. The briefcase There's really no excuse for carrying your wallet, iPhone and keys in your pockets any more. The briefcase is back, and better than ever. In smooth or textured leather, the black or neutral hued bags have rounded edges with one single flap, with either one or two buckle closures. Not your dad's briefcase, these bags are anything but boxy and usually have cross-body straps, which aren't always made of the same material. 

10. A bit of Britain To claim that the Olympics, the TV hit "Downton Abbey" and the royal family haven't affected us across the pond would be, well, rubbish. It's the same for fashion. The Brits have been particularly hard influencers during 2012. Plaids, herringbones and tweeds have been turning up on trousers, shirts, ties ... even on shoes and pageboy caps! It would be hard to ignore the cross-check plaid and Glen plaid suits and sportcoats, as well as details such as the resurgence of pocketsquares and bowties. The overall result of this British-style invasion? A smartened-up look. Start slow with a herringbone or tweed jacket, then work your way up to a plaid shirt or cross-check sportcoat.