First Date Clothes for Dummies

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First Date Clothes for Dummies

Fashion-impaired? Foolproof first date gear for every situation.
Your girl more of the dinner and wine type?

Tommy Hilfiger Slim Fit Ramsey Shirt in Lapis Blue ($49.99)
Stick to a crisp button-down. Vertical stripes elongate the body for a flattering fit. You can wear Tommy Hilfiger’s Slim Fit Ramsey Shirt in Lapis Blue tucked in and belted—or not—depending on your restaurant of choice. If it’s on the fancier end,go for the belt (available at and most department stores).

Aldo Tani Lace-Up Dress Shoes ($125.00)
And while Ellen DeGeneres may rock the button-down and sneakers look, please don’t. Try Aldo’s Tani Lace-Up Dress Shoes instead (available at

Express Skinny Silk Tie in Black ($39.90)

If you’re really trying to impress, add a tie. Express’ Skinny Silk Tie is slim and sleek,so it’s a bit trendier and doesn’t scream “I just got out of the office,” but it will give her something to pull you in closer with for that good-night kiss (available at


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