First Date Clothes for Dummies

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First Date Clothes for Dummies

Fashion-impaired? Foolproof first date gear for every situation.
Snagged tickets to see her favorite band or a baseball game? Now’s the time to wear that favorite band or team T-shirt of yours (just no holes please). Or take this opportunity to let your personality shine.

Horizon Mustache is the Key T ($20)
We like the Horizon Mustache is the Key T (available at It’ll give her some insight to your sense of humor. And who doesn’t love a mustache? (Note: mustaches are OK on your shirt. Not on your face. Unless you’re a cop…or Colonel Sanders).

Lucky Brand Twill Aviator Jacket in Mermaid ($149)
Can’t swing it with just a T? This rugged military-inspired jacket is the perfect top layer: Lucky Brand’s Twill Aviator Jacket (available at


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