The Greatest Mustache Gallery Ever

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The Greatest Mustache Gallery Ever

Keepers of eight awesome mustaches share the stories behind them.

After my first year in the NHL, I grew a mustache for a trip to Vegas with friends. When camp started with the L.A. Kings, we had a new coach and he said I should keep the mustache. I figured, if the new coach wants me to keep it, I should keep it. I ended up getting hurt, the Kings signed another fighter, and I got released. I signed with the Colorado Avalanche and shaved the mustache because I didn't want to be the 'new guy on the team with a mustache.' (Avalanche legend) Joe Sakic came up to me when I got there and asked what happened to the mustache. They were expecting the guy with the mustache. So I thought I'd better grow it back- and I've had it ever since."

—George Parros

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