History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

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History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

From sideburns symbolizing rebellion to beards that carry a massive mythology, the past proves that a man’s facial fur can take on a life of its own. So read on for MF’s take on the 13 most meaningful—or just plain memorable—sets of whiskers.
The true test of iconic facial hair is trying to imagine the guy without the stache, beard, or burns that made him famous. And for anyone who has seen Tom Selleck without his mustache, well, it’s kind of like staring into the sun. Simply put, it’s not advised, so you should avoid watching the movie In & Out and Season 6 of Friends. In his heyday as Magnum, P.I., Selleck sported probably the smoothest stache in history, with all due respect to Burt Reynolds and Keith Hernandez.


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