History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

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History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

From sideburns symbolizing rebellion to beards that carry a massive mythology, the past proves that a man’s facial fur can take on a life of its own. So read on for MF’s take on the 13 most meaningful—or just plain memorable—sets of whiskers.
When it comes to the world of animated facial hair, there are several characters throughout history that deserve mentioning. There’s the Dali-esque mustaches of your favorite video game plumbers, Mario and Luigi, the well-groomed crumb catcher sported by Ned Flanders, and the au naturel, all-white beard that hangs from Papa Smurf. No cartoon in history, however, can compete with the fire-red face fur donned by Yosemite Sam. It’s hard to say where the mustache ends and the beard begins—it literally looks like his hair is eating his face—but if you’ve ever been to Six Flags and haven’t simultaneously tugged on the Yosemite Sam mascot’s whiskers? Well, my friend, you haven’t lived.


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