History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

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History’s Most Famous Facial Hair

From sideburns symbolizing rebellion to beards that carry a massive mythology, the past proves that a man’s facial fur can take on a life of its own. So read on for MF’s take on the 13 most meaningful—or just plain memorable—sets of whiskers.

The ‘70s may be the premier facial fuzz decade of all time, probably thanks to all the residual hair left over from the hippies of the ‘60s. That said, the style and grooming tightened up a bit during the disco era, and Hall-of-Fame point guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier was ahead of the curve. While the rest of the NBA mostly conformed to clean-cut looks, Clyde ushered in a new era of funky self-expression, from his outrageous clothing style to his gigantic muttonchops. Groomed to perfection, with a matching stache, Clyde is still styling and profiling to this day as a color commentator for the Knicks, in which he regularly wears outfits like this.


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