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How To Give Yourself a Buzz Cut

Eyeing those clippers for a new look? Here’s how to buzz at home—plus expert advice on the easiest way to give yourself this low-maintenance haircut.

Before You Buzz
While some cuts work better on certain face shapes, just about any guy—and his mug—can pull off a buzz. But before you flip the “on” switch, consider these three factors so you get your length just right:

1. Lumps
If you’ve always rocked a full coif, you may uncover a few bumps (literally) in your quest to go shorter. Nobody has a perfectly smooth head, but “you might still have lumps on your head from when you were a kid [that you don’t know about],” says Aronov. He suggests running your hands thoroughly around your scalp before you grab the shears.

2. Big ears
Pairing a full buzz with Dumbo-esque ears may add to the problem. Aronov recommends an altered approach: “Just be careful not to go too short on the sides.”

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3. Scars
Any cut shorter than using a #3 clipper guard will show skin. Think twice about revealing any wounds that may have left a mark—or go for it. (Chicks dig scars, right?)

If you’re feeling wary, visit your barbershop first to watch the pros in action, or spring for the first buzz and ask your barber for tips on how to maintain it. (A buzz is the least expensive cut on the menu, running just $20 at F.S.C. Barber.) But if you’re feeling ambitious and bumps, scars, or big ears aren’t holding you back? Head to the bathroom to get started.

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