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The Man's Guide to Body Hair Length

What you should remove, and what needs to stay.
The Man's Guide to Body Hair Length

Unibrows and bushy eyebrows haven’t been in since the New Deal. Trimming with scissors is mandatory.

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Your nose hair should always be well trimmed. Ear hair is banned until retirement.

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Unless your pits look like a budding Amazon forest (complete with wildlife), keep the machete away.Style Spot With Dean Stattmann: Episode 3>>>

You’d better be an ape to consider it.

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A shaved chest can be a plus, so go for it. Step 1: More chest flyes at the gym.

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There’s (probably) a fetish for hairy backs, but generally it’s not considered very attractive. Minimize ASAP.

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No, a clean-shaven crotch is not “in.” Keep all lower-carriage hair at a length less than an inch.

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If it’s not beach season, if you’re not a pro swimmer or soccer player, or if you have unforgiving friends, leave this area untouched.

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