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Most Memorable Athlete Hairstyles

Need some inspiration for a head-turning new look? Try one of the hairstyles that made these athletes more famous than their athleticism did.

Since most athletes don’t have to worry about looking appropriate for the office, they get to rock the funkiest hairdos. And some of the ones featured this week on Bleacher Report are history book-worthy. 

From former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s continuously changing neon hair colors to Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu’s Herbal Essences-worthy locks, many athletes’ hairstyles have garnered as much attention as did their skills in the game.

Some of our favorite manes on Bleacher Report’s list belong to:

  • Retired soccer player David Beckham
  • LeBron James of the Miami Heat
  • Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers
  • Former Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace
  • Boxing promoter Don King

See all the 19 Most Famous Hairdos in Sports on Bleacher Report. 

But unless your name is Andrew Bynum, your girlfriend and your job might prefer something a little less…extreme. Check out our own list of the 10 best new hairstyles for men—and how to get the look.


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