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Skincare 101: The Perfect Shave

You’ve had a razor in your hand for years, but it never hurts to sharpen your skills. Consider these six tips the refresher course you need to get that super-close, irritation-free shave you’ve been striving for.

5. The Aftershave

To maintain that just-shaved smoothness past 11 AM, follow up a razor session with a moisturizing aftershave. To reduce redness and irritation, look for one that contains aloe. Apply the product when skin is still damp so it locks in moisture. If you notice irritation, use an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. It’s safe to use on your face, and cuts down on the inflammation that causes redness. 

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6. The Clean-Up

Reusing blades too many times gives bacteria and mold time to grow, and you might wind up with staph, strep or fungal infections on your grooming tools—gross. Replace disposable razor blades every week and clean electric razors with alcohol after each use.



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