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Spring Style for Every Body Type - The Skinny Guy

Spring trends for the office, dates and the weekend that’ll work for skinny frames.
The key to looking broader is layers. While the tried and true blazer over a button down works, cardigans are a great, lighter option as the weather warms up. Try Banana Republic’s Extra-Fine Merino Tipped Cardigan ($89.50) in Charcoal Heather over your favorite dress shirt—it’ll add some bulk without the weight. Just like black, charcoal is a neutral that is easy to match and the style is easy to wear over a tee for a more casual weekend or date look.

Available at BananaRepublic.Gap.com

If the cardigan is a bit too Mr. Rogers for you, go classic with J. Crew’s Stripe Twill Sportcoat in Ludlow Fit ($168). The slimmer silhouette and smaller lapel won’t overpower your frame but will still give you that lightweight layering element you need.

Available at JCrew.com

Don’t want to blend in with everyone else in the conference room? Add some color under that cardigan or blazer. And by color, we mean something other than blue, black or white. We’re not telling you to go glow-in-the-dark yellow but something like Calvin Klein’s Slim Fit Windowpane Shirt ($39.99) in Medium Red can easily take your style from boring to memorable and the windowpane pattern will give the illusion of a wider frame. The cute chick you’ve been eyeing at the cafeteria every Monday and Wednesday at 9:15 may just notice. Just saying.

Available at CalvinKlein.com

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