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50 Ways to Become a Better Man

Practical tips to help you level up and excel in fitness, work, dating, and, well, life.

46) Peel Avocados By Hand
The dark green flesh nearest the skin contains the highest concentration of cell protecting carotenoids, which fight cancer.

47) Avoid Insect Bites Naturally
Look for natural repellents containing the herbal agent geraniol. It’s safer and almost as effective as the toxic chemical DEET.

48) Fall Back on Deadlifts
As you pull the bar up, shift your weight back on your heels. You can even try to fall backward (the bar will balance you).

49) Help Your Scalp
The skin beneath your hair is vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun. Pick up a hair gel with built-in SPF.

50) Go Time
Research has found that while men and women’s levels of sexual desire fluctuate throughout the day, 9 p.m. is the one time when both sexes meet at their peak.

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