6) Kam-Who?

Kamut—a grain you may have never heard of—is a branded version of the grain known as khorasan. It contains more protein than standard wheat (Kamut flour contains 40% more protein than white flour), as well as 65% more amino acids.

7) Protect Your Back
Do back extensions on leg days. Squat and deadlift variations take a lot out of your lower back—an area that, when injured, can derail your training entirely. So it makes sense to concentrate your direct lower-back work on lower-body days, not during upper-body sessions when it could be recovering.

8) Stay Hydrated
Start the day with at least 16 ounces of water. It’s filling, and getting more will improve your recovery after workouts. Aim for one gallon per day.

9) Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too
Foods served on a crust will never be healthy per se, but pumpkin pie is one of the best “bad” foods you can eat, according to Elizabeth M. Ward, R.D. “Each slice is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants that help keep cells healthy,” she says. Plus, recent research suggests that foods containing large amounts of spices may help to counteract the effects of a high-fat meal. Pumpkin pie is loaded with four of the most potent: nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and ginger.

10) Staple Your Elbows to Your Sides
We mean this figuratively, and we mean it on curls. Allowing your elbows to drift behind your body as you lower the weight means you won’t fully extend your arms, and incomplete reps rob you of muscle growth.

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