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50 Ways to Become a Better Man

Practical tips to help you level up and excel in fitness, work, dating, and, well, life.

21) Buy Better Beef
You don’t have to give up red meat to eat lean. There are more than 20 beef cuts that have less than 172 calories, 95g of cholesterol, and 10g of fat per 3-oz serving.

The Top 10 Leanest Beef Cuts:
- T-bone
- Strip
- Tenderloin
- Tri-tip
- Top sirloin
- Bottom round
- Eye round
- Round tip
- Top round
- Flank

22) Go the the Bar Twice a Day
To increase your reps on the pullup bar (sorry, was that misleading?), do one set of as many as possible in the morning and then one more set in the evening. Repeat this every other day. “After 30 days, re-test your max,” says Chad Waterbury, author of High Frequency Training. “You can expect an 8–10-rep increase.”

23) Eat More Sushi
One sheet of nori seaweed (typically used to make a standard six-piece maki roll) contains as much fiber as a cup of spinach. It also boasts as many omega-3 fatty acids as a cup of diced avocado.

24) Warm Up Properly
Do five to eight warm-up sets. Your body needs it to lift the heaviest weights on barbell exercises. Another way to think about it is to aim for 40–45 total reps, using sets of mostly five reps or fewer (your first set, using just the bar, can be 10 reps). The point is to warm up your body and central nervous system without fatiguing the muscles.

25) Don't Be Dense
Energy density is defined as the number of calories divided by the number of grams in a given food item. Every food has an energy-density value from zero to nine. To lose weight, choose items with an energy density of around two or less as often as possible.

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