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50 Ways to Become a Better Man

Practical tips to help you level up and excel in fitness, work, dating, and, well, life.

36) Use the Total-Rep Method
Instead of doing three sets of 10, choose a load you can get 10 reps with and perform as many sets as it takes to get 30 total reps. Perform the reps perfectly and with explosive speed. “As soon as you feel yourself slowing down, end the set,” says Chad Waterbury, author of High Frequency Training. You’ll end up doing the same volume, but the effect will be different. You’ll never go to failure (i.e., risk injury), and every rep will work your biggest, strongest muscle fibers.

37) Put Your Ball to the Wall
Before any pressing workout, take a light medicine ball and push it into a wall with your palm. Your arm should be extended. Start tracing the alphabet against the wall—roll the ball around in the shape of all 26 letters. “Keep pressure on the ball and it will fire up your rotator cuff,” says Keith Scott, owner of This action will help you stabilize heavier loads.

38) Don't Wear Sunglasses in the Morning
Your eyes play a critical role in regulating the biochemistry and rhythms of your body. “For some people, their retinas are insensitive and therefore need more light to maintain normal functionality,” says Stephen Josephson, Ph.D. The more early-morning sunlight that enters your eyes, the less melatonin your body produces, making you much less lethargic throughout the day.

39) Follow Prilepin's Chart
When in doubt about how many sets and reps to use, stick with the parameters on Prilepin’s Chart, a table of rep ranges and total numbers of reps associated with various percentages of your max weight. It works great for big barbell exercises like the bench press and squat. Simply choose a load you want to use and look up the corresponding number of reps you should be able to do with it. You’re guaranteed to see gains.

40) Take Her on a Cruise
A survey of 1,000 people in relationships found that 62% of couples who recently took a cruise together reported better sex than normal—and nearly three-fourths said that spending time with their significant other on a cruise improved the relationship.

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