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12 Must-Read Fitness Features from 2012

We dive into the MF archive to highlight the best fitness advice features from 2012. And if you haven't read them—now's your chance.

2012 has come and gone and it's time for a new year and new resolutions. But before we put 2012 completely behind us, we thought we'd take one last look back. There were hundreds of fitness features written to guide and advise you with building the physique of your dreams, so we tallied social media numbers, listened to comments and compiled this list of the top 12 fitness features that you must-read. Already read them? It's time for a re-read.

12. How to Get Lean: 25 Ways to Lose Fat Faster >>>

Don't want to just hear, "get a trainer" or, "get on a diet plan"? This feature provides 25 solid tips to shedding extra fat and building lean muscle mass. 

11. Back to Basics: The 3 Most Powerful Workout Moves >>>

You can read and research for hours upon hours about all different types of exercises that will claim to burn more fat and build more muscle, but nothing will ever compare to the absolute tried and true basics—big, compound moves.

10. The Abdominal Trifecta Workouts >>>

Want to get well on your way to a sliced and diced mid-section? Pick a high-protein, high-fiber and reduced carbohydrate diet you can tolerate and package it up with these gut-busting workouts.



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