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12 Must-Read Fitness Features from 2012

We dive into the MF archive to highlight the best fitness advice features from 2012. And if you haven't read them—now's your chance.

9. Six Recovery Strategies for Workout-aholics >>>

It's not always about throwing around weights and eating the right food. Muscles are trained, exhausted and torn down in the gym. Muscles build during rest and sleep. Don't neglect proper recovery—a must read for anyone addicted to the iron.

8. Seven Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger >>>

Didn't break any new bench press or deadlift personal records in 2012? Here are 7 things you need to change to make it happen this year.

7. The Most Important Body Parts You're Neglecting >>>

There's nothing good about loose ends and weak links—the same goes for your body. Probability of injury rises, performance dips and you become discouraged. Neglecting certain body parts is a vicious cycle of getting no where fast.



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