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12 Must-Read Fitness Features from 2012

We dive into the MF archive to highlight the best fitness advice features from 2012. And if you haven't read them—now's your chance.

3. Five Muscle-Building Moves You've Probably Never Tried >>>

You can never fail with the basic big moves like the deadlift, squat, overhead press and bench, but sometimes change is needed, or you're looking for a new fun technique. Give these moves a shot in your routines of 2013. 

2. Ten Reasons You're Not Building Muscle >>>

Building muscle is hard enough to do even when you're doing everything right. Maybe one of these 10 reasons has been holding you back and packing on more pounds.

1. Top 25 Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts >>>

The fitness industry is constantly changing and evolving with new ideas and concepts, but somethings never change. Our experts all agree with these 25 strategies. 



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