Do you hold back at the gym one day to avoid skipping your workout the next? Stop. Going hard doesn't have to render you useless. That is, of course, if you know how to recover properly.

Our partners at Greatist have created a list of the 14 best recovery tools that'll help you spring back into action sooner than ever. This doesn't mean you won't be sore (you're not working hard enough if you're not). However, it will ensure that you can return to the gym after a tough session. For some of the pricier products, Greatist also offers DIY solutions. Don't want to invest in a foam roller? Use a PVC pipe. Can't afford a massage ball? Pull out a golf ball. For more ideas, check out the whole article.

While training to the max is good, you have to be careful to not hurt your body. Sore for a few days? Good. Sore for a week? Not so much. To avoid injury, see the 12 signs you're overtraining.