Age: 21
Country: U.S.A.
Career: College Football Player

How much more can he do? He's won two national titles and a Heisman, and at 6'3" and 235 pounds, he's reshaped the idea of a quarterback's physical capabilities. "[Fitness] has played a huge role," says the Florida Gator. "A lot of my game is being a physical player, a runner as well as a thrower, someone who plays all four quarters. You see a difference between us and other teams because we're in better shape." Tebow's off-season regimen comprises shoulder work, bench presses, squats, lunges, speed and agility drills, and position-specific exercises with resistance. He can max out with the linemen but knows he doesn't need to be "the strongest guy on the team." Instead, he says he lifts smarter without hurting his body. He prefers to continue to hurt defenders, instead.



Age: 24
Country: U.S.A.
Career: NBA Player

He looks more like a linebacker than a small forward, at 6'8" and 250 pounds. And he's really just begun working out seriously. Seriously. The co-best basketball player on the planet does yoga and Pilates to endure the rigors of his sport. "I've been blessed with a lot of physical talent and a strong body," James recently told The Plain Dealer. "I've focused on working hard to maximize those gifts." Could James grow to 275 pounds with ridiculously low body fat? Could he average an unthinkable 40 points, 12 boards, and 10 assists per game over a season? The trouble with numbers is that they have measurable limits. LeBron James, it seems, does not.



Age: 27
Country: U.S.A.
Career: Actor

He exhibits Supernatural strength — on-screen and off. To prep for his role as reluctant hero Sam Winchester, Padalecki underwent a regimen of kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. "What's funny is [co-star] Jensen [Ackles] and I were meeting one of our producers at a bar in Vancouver, when we were jumped by eight drunken guys," he remembers. "I broke my left hand, but they walked away with broken jaws and noses. Considering it was us against eight, we did all right." The Texas native shoots 90 hours a week but spends downtime inside a well-stocked, on-set workout trailer. "It's a simple setup, but I believe in the basics, anyway," he declares. Padalecki also made sure he was at peak fitness for the recent Friday the 13th. "There's nothing worse than watching some 120-pound dude killing the bad guy," he says. "I wouldn't want to see some skinny pretty boy facing off against Jason. You want to make it look believable."



Age: 23
Country: U.S.A.
Career: Freestyle Skier

Last April, Dumont soared 35 feet to shatter the world record for height on a quarter pipe. He credits not just his ski skills, but also his work in the gym. "I do a lot of balancing stuff with weights in the air and do one-footed squats on the Bosu ball," he says. "I'm just tightening up my core and all the little muscles, rather than trying to bulk up. I'm trying to create longevity. I want to make sure I'll be this strong when I'm 30 or 40."



Age: 30
Country: Philippines
Career: Light-Welterweight Fighter

He's only 5'6", but this Pac-Man packs a ton of power. "It comes from his speed and his legs," says longtime trainer Freddie Roach. "His legs are so strong, and his explosive speed is a God-given talent. With those two working together, he's almost unstoppable." To prep for fights, Pacquiao, winner of four titles in four divisions, works out for two weeks before training with Roach in California. Then for two months, he'll run in the mornings, do 1,000 situps, shadowbox, jump rope, punch the heavy bag, and spar in the afternoons for four rounds, building up to 12 as the fight nears. Roach says Manny's unparalleled discipline gives him the edge. "He's a machine," he says. "I tell him to take
Sundays off, and he says, 'No, I have to run.' I ask why, and he says, 'Because my opponent might be.'"



Age: 38
Country: U.S.A.
Career: Politician

"I'm training as much as humanly possible," says the leader of the nation's capital. Fenty exercises like a pro athlete—rigorously and regimented—despite having a crazy schedule. "The chance of getting a workout once a day has gone down dramatically," he says. Three times every week, he gets in a long early-morning run and also swims and cycles when he can. Fenty has prioritized public health as well, renovating several city playing fields and starting a youth triathlon camp. He's built it, now he's hoping citizens will come. "I think people have been really responsive," he says.



Age: 44
Country: U.S.A.
Career: Actor

Once on the verge of Hollywood oblivion, thanks to his famous addictions, Robert
Downey Jr. is now simply Iron Man. Before filming, he engaged in a rigorous fitness regimen under renowned trainer Brad Bose. Through intense cardio, weights, and martial arts training, the actor transformed his body, gaining 20 pounds of muscle over just five months. He maintained that physique for the lead role in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes and will be re-sculpting his suit of armor for Iron Man 2, due in theaters in May 2010.