7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

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7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

Don’t try any cheesy pick-up lines on these women. They’re here to work you out—and they mean business.

A guy friend of mine came over last week with a noticeable limp, so I asked him what happened. “Oh, nothing,” he said, “Just sore from working really hard at the gym.” Hm. Fishy, I thought, because this dude notoriously half-asses it on every workout. So I try again: “What really happened?”

“Got a new trainer,” he replied. “And she is intense.”

Yes, when picking a personal trainer, you might look for a guy with bodybuilding chops and the bulging biceps you want. But most guys don’t realize that a female trainer can push them just as hard—or harder. Here, we highlight seven of the best women in the biz, who know just as much about sculpting the male bod as they do their own. Trust us. They prove “training like a girl” is a good thing.


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