7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

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7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

Don’t try any cheesy pick-up lines on these women. They’re here to work you out—and they mean business.

When you work out with this celeb trainer and reality TV star, you know you’re going to get results. “Generally, when guys come to me, they know I’m hardcore,” says Warner. “Convincing them to trust in me is the only challenge, but I use the Power Circuit Training method—it’s unbelievable. It’s the best way to see growth and get cut up!”

And this Cali babe definitely has the bod to prove she’s got the chops. “Guys approach me all the time because I am so lean, but can lift so much,” she says. “I can do 45-lb. dumbbell presses, 80-lb. rows and 300-lb. leg presses all to failure, which takes 15 reps and 4 combos with no rest in between.” Beat that, boys! 


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