7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

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7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

Don’t try any cheesy pick-up lines on these women. They’re here to work you out—and they mean business.

This Equinox trainer and Schwinn master instructor is not only strong—she’s smart, too. Buschert is pursuing master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation, on top of kicking guys’ butts in her cycling and boxing classes. “The biggest challenge for me is getting guys to listen and be patient!” she tells MF. “Men feel like they shouldn’t be learning from a girl.” But with this girl, you might get your best body yet. She believes in integrative movement style workouts and implements kettlebells, medicine balls, strength ropes and agility ladders when she trains. Still weary? Don't be. She even came in first place in the 2009 NYC Biathlon. Badass!


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