7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

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7 Female Trainers Who Can Kick Your Butt!

Don’t try any cheesy pick-up lines on these women. They’re here to work you out—and they mean business.

SURFSET Fitness trainer Sarah Ponn knows you probably don’t think she can handle training you—but this girl’s got some tricks up her sleeve. “I usually get the look at the beginning of a session like: ‘you're going to be able to challenge me?’" she says. “But I always prove myself in the end.“

How? She sticks to simple but hardcore exercises that get fast results. “I love ‘manly’ exercises; pushups, single leg squats, burpees,” she says. “It’s all about keeping the mind engaged and incorporating exercises that challenge different angles and body movements while also building core strength, agility, power and balance.” So what’s her secret to sculpting you into shape? “I constantly keep them guessing and progressing with more challenging variations with each set. They never know what to expect.”


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