9 Strong Stars Who Love CrossFit Workouts

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9 Strong Stars Who Love CrossFit Workouts

Do all those super intense CrossFit exercises pay off? Consider this roundup of rock-hard celeb bodies (Magic Mike included) the only proof you need.

What do you, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Channing Tatum have in common?

If you said killer smiles and thousands of adoring female fans, we can’t guarantee that’s totally true. But if you guessed CrossFit? Ding , ding, ding. Go ahead and pat yourself on your (probably pretty well-chiseled) back.

Yes, while CrossFit has only been around since 2000, it has certainly swept the nation—celebs included. And it’s no wonder: It’s fast. It’s competitive. It keeps things fresh. And most importantly, it gets results. Big-time.

But what do these hard-bodied stars love about it the most? Click through to find out—and let their sculpted physiques inspire a trip to your local CrossFit gym.


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