Without a solid foundation, it's just a matter of time before a structure falls down, so it's essential to build a strong workout base before you graduate to throwing around heavy weights.

We asked Mike Stehle, co-founder of The Training Room Online in Point Pleasant Beach and Avon, New Jerse,y for one of his favorite body weight routines to build strength and stability throughout your body. If you're looking for the right foundation or you're just looking to add strength and stability, this is the go-to routine for you.


>> Using an interval timer, do 15 seconds of each movement with a 15-second rest between. 
>> Perform a total of 10 rounds of the following movements. 
>> Do NOT to go to muscular failure. Pick a rep scheme that allows you to maintain perfect form.

The 10-Round Body Weight Strength and Stability Workout

Exercise One - Right Left Pistol Squat (or Assisted Pistol Squat)
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Two - Left Leg Pistol Squat (or Assisted Pistol Squat)
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Three - Push-Ups or Ring Push-Ups
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Four - Bar Row
rest 15 sec.

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