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10 Ways to Build Strength Without the Size

Want to get stronger without having to bulk up and pack on the pounds? Follow these 10 easy programming tips.

3. Do Plyometrics

Otherwise known as jump training, plyometric training involves hop- and jump-type exercises that train and develop what’s called the stretch shortening cycle. The stretch-shortening cycle teaches the body to better utilize stored elastic energy to produce stronger and more forceful contractions. This improvement in reactive ability can also be explained by improvements in muscle-tendon stiffness. Body-weight or weighted plyometric exercises can be utilized such as consecutive body-weight jumps over hurdles or continuous dumbbell jump squats.

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4. Slash the Volume

A common protocol for building size and strength is 5x5 however; this set-rep scheme can be dropped to 2-3 sets to lower the muscle-building potential. Lowering the volume and focusing on bar speed will have a better training effect for improving strength and explosive power rather than muscle growth. Also, your training frequency will drop from the traditional 4-5 times a week for bodybuilding to 1-3 times a week for strength training depending on the time of year.

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