12 Most Inspiring Hollywood Fitness Transformations

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12 Most Inspiring Hollywood Fitness Transformations

We honor actors who took their parts—and their fitness—to the extreme.

What He Did: A career-defining role forced Craig into the gym five days per week to cut body fat and build muscle.

Why He Did It: Craig landed the part of superspy James Bond in 2006’s Casino Royale.

What He Ate: Eating up to six times per day, Craig cut out carbs in the evenings and based his diet around fish, eggs, chicken, fruits, and vegetables.

His Workout: The regimen consisted of weight training Monday through Friday and cardio on the weekends. Craig started and ended the week with a circuit of pullups, squats, triceps dips, and pushups.

Plus: Craig quit smoking, but allowed himself a drink on Fridays and Saturdays—presumably martinis, shaken, not stirred.

Craig says: “Look, I’ve got to look like I can kill somebody. If I take my shirt off, it’s not, ‘Oh, nice body.’ It’s got to be, ‘Oh, fucking hell, he could do somebody.’”


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