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12 Signs You're Overtraining

The symptoms of overtraining and trainer tips on how to prevent or correct it.

9. Insomnia

Can't sleep even though you're wiping yourself out at the gym? "It's most likely a result of a combination of nervous system and or hormonal system overload," says Mike Duffy, a personal trainer and holistic nutrition consultant. says  He suggests “to focus more on getting your 10 pm to 2 am sleep” because “this is the part of your sleeping pattern where physical restoration occurs.” He stresses, “your body grows while resting, not training,” and advises people who might be overtraining to “eat a lot of clean food and take a week off of training all together.”

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8. Depression

Exercise is typically good for your mental health—but if you’re overtraining, it could have the opposite effect. "People who overtrain tend to view exercise as something that it’s not—namely, a challenge, a conquest, or a space-filler," says Lee Boyce, personal trainer and strength coach. He adds they may also suffer from “body image issues” and the belief that “the more they train, the better they'll look.” To avoid overtraining, he says, “it’s important to know the real motives behind training.” Set realistic short and long-term goals, create a plan, and stick to it.

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7. Personality Changes

Has your gym partner been noticeably absent lately? While Trink says overtraining is actually a “pretty rare” occurrence for most guys who train three to five hours per week, he says it’s possible for there to be an “intensification of personality traits” for guys prone to being “aggressive, irritable, or depressed.” However, he cautions that these changes aren’t always the result of overtraining, as there are “other factors that can overly stress the nervous system.” Listen to your body and react accordingly.



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