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12 Signs You're Overtraining

The symptoms of overtraining and trainer tips on how to prevent or correct it.

6/ Often Sick

Feeling ill isn’t part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, sometimes it’s your body’s way of telling you that your immune system is suffering from overtraining. Cardiello explains the process of overtraining means your body is in a “continual catabolic state,” which lowers immunity and increases “chances of becoming ill.” If you’re overtraining, Cardiello advises you get rest, and “reduce training.” He also suggests “adjusting diet, nutritional and supplement” intake and “possibly implementing vitamins A and E, as well as glutamine.” And, if you’re an athlete, Cardiello indicates “55-60% of the athletic diet” should come in the form of carbohydrates.

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5/ Loss of Concentration

Focus is critical. LaCerte says, “when you go into the gym you have a job” to do. Unfortunately, he says sometimes people “bring other stressors into the gym or it [becomes] social hour” and your gym time expands considerably because “you’re doing a set over here, [then] you’re talking for 12 minutes, and then you’re going back and doing another set.” LaCerte indicates that’s counterproductive because “it’s not how the body works when we’re trying to build muscle and lose fat,” and it “can definitely lead to overtraining or ineffective training altogether.”

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4/ Injury Increase

Getting injured more often? In particular, are you re-aggravating old injuries? If so, you may be overtraining. Why? Duffy, explains, when you overtrain, your body doesn’t get enough time to recuperate between workouts meaning that at some point you begin “training in a weakened state.” He adds that if you “do this too often” you likely “increase your chance of injuries.” To prevent yourself from overtraining, he suggests introducing “forced rest periods into your routine,” as well as “changing training intensities” or enjoying “active recuperation” sports that are “low intensity and completely different from weights and cardio.”

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