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12 Signs You're Overtraining

The symptoms of overtraining and trainer tips on how to prevent or correct it.

3/ Decreased Motivation

It’s not unusual to occasionally want to skip the gym. But, if you generally live, breathe, and sleep the gym life, then suddenly become disinterested, you’re probably overexerting yourself. Instead of going to the gym and possibly risking injury by going through the motions and improperly performing an exercise, Trink recommends “taking a full week off, then being sure to reduce training volume when you do return.” He also recommends getting “quality sleep (7-9 hours per night as a generalization), proper nutrition – particularly in the pre to post-workout window – smart supplementation, and planned deloads.”

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2/ Lowered Self-Esteem

For many guys, it’s natural to experience a sense of accomplishment following an intense workout. However, Cardiello, explains that “many fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes become obsessed with training” and some even “subscribe to the fictitious statement that ‘more is better.’” With this mindset, they begin overtraining and lowered self-esteem often follows. Cardiello explains this feeling “is related to the bodies nervous system” as overtraining “affects an athlete’s level of ‘happiness’ to train, depression, insomnia, and irritability.” He also cautions overtraining can be heightened by such things as, “lack of proper nutrition (hydration), proper sleep, and personal/work stressors.”

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1/ Halted Progress

Has your body stopped changing in spite of your best efforts? If so, you may be overtraining. As LaCerte points out, “when you’re overtraining your body is kind of going in the opposite direction” of growth because what’s happening is that “your muscles are torn and all you’re doing is re-tearing them again.” Don’t risk possibly entering into a muscle-burning phase. Remember: Muscles need a chance to repair and that’s only possible when your body is given the proper time to rest and recover before being forced into more exercise.

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