25-Minute Full-Body TRX Circuit

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25-Minute Full-Body TRX Circuit

If you're looking for a new TRX workout, give this fun and effective 25-minute full body routine a try.
If you've been pounding away at the weights or putting in the mileage being a road runner, it might just be time for a little change.

Grab a TRX and give this 25-minute, multi-purpose full body workout a try. You'll work the entire body and hit muscle fibers in a way free weights, machines or cables don't.

Professional model, former UFC fighter, training correspondent to HUMANFITPROJECT and owner of Drench Fitness boutique in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Adam Von Rothfelder shares one his favorite routines.

This workout should take a total of 20-25 minutes.

SLIDE TWO: The Workout


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