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4 Weightlifting Techniques to Master

Don't ruin your gains with poor form--master the most important lifts by tweaking your technique.

Technique Test 2: Hip Hinge Pattern

This movement pattern is essential for performing perfect Deadlifts, Olympic lifts and Russian Kettlebell Swings. For optimal utilization of the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back extensors), the hip hinge with zero back flexion/extension is imperative to improve athletic potential.


>> Stand with your feet 8-10” apart
>> Place one hand on your low back and one on your stomach
>> Slightly bent your knees
>> Push your hips back, back, back while you bow forward – you should feel tension in your hamstrings as you reach 90 degrees at your hips
>> Use your hands to feel if your back starts to round
>> Stay long and tight in your core and keep your chest out.

Learn and own this movement. Apply it to your training. Don’t worry if you have to sacrifice a bit of weight to perform a perfect hip hinge. Your strength will build fast. Being able to move through the hips will develop strong glutes and hamstrings while sparing the spine and knees.



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