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4 Weightlifting Techniques to Master

Don't ruin your gains with poor form--master the most important lifts by tweaking your technique.

Technique Test 3: Shoulder Pack

Packing the shoulder is a term coined by Grey Cook in his Secrets of the Shoulder DVD. This cue is essential for all upper body exercises and shoulder health. Optimal pressing and pulling movements begin with a strong foundation - the shoulder. Pressing with a "loose" shoulder joint is like firing a canon out of a canoe. When packing the shoulders, the shoulders are pulled into the body, toward the opposite hip pockets. Not only will this improve shoulder and scapular stability, it will prevent poor postural adaptations from bad postural habits/exercise execution. All your lifts will improve with proper shoulder packing, even lower body lifts.


>> Think of drawing your shoulders toward your opposite hip pockets when pulling in the horizontal (any row variation) or vertical (any lat pull down or chin up variation) directions

>> Cue this shoulder pack when pressing in the horizontal (any bench press variation) or vertical (any overhead press variation) directions
>> Lastly, cue this shoulder pack when doing Deadlifts, Squats, Kettlebell Swings, RDLs and any other lower body lift



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