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5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Workouts

A killer training plan and optimized diet is useless if you keep making these same mistakes.


You’ve talked to the big guys at the gym. You’ve poured over countless workouts in Men’s Fitness. You’ve scoured the web for ideas. And you’ve finally got it. You’ve designed the perfect workout plan that’s a surefire way to get you big, ripped and dating a supermodel. Well, before you start filling out that training log (and the sleeves of your t-shirt) check out these common mistakes that can destroy your workouts and kill your progress.

Mistake One: You’re not addressing your weaknesses.

There’s a reason every bench press in North America is occupied on a Monday night while the squat racks sit empty. Everyone likes to bench press. Doing what we like is easy. Doing what we need? Well, that’s another story. But addressing weaknesses is the quickest way to progress your lifts and your body composition. Take a serious look at what movements your struggling with and why. Is your core weak? Knee unstable? Hips tight? Even though it may not be fun, addressing and strengthening your weaknesses really pays off in both the short and long run.

Mistake Two: You’re not prioritizing compound movements.

Sure, isolation movements like biceps curls and leg extensions are fun, easy to perform and burn like crazy in all the right places. But bigger compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, overhead presses and pull-ups should really be the foundation of your training program and get priority over the small stuff. Three reasons why: they recruit more total motor units which leads to more lean muscle mass, they are more metabolically demanding so they are key to getting lean and they release more body composition-improving hormones than isolation moves. So break out the barbell and perform the big lifts. NEXT: So far so good? What about these mistakes? >>



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