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5 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Workouts

A killer training plan and optimized diet is useless if you keep making these same mistakes.

Mistake Three: Your eye is not on the clock.

Two of the most overlooked aspects of training are tempo (or speed) of lifts and rest periods. Lifting at specific speeds allows you to either complete the lift as it was designed to be used (for example, Olympic lifts should be performed explosively) or keep muscles under tension for a specific amount of time which is critical to deliver the desired training effect. Rest periods should also be monitored every session. Start a set before the appropriate rest period and you may be sacrificing strength. Wait too long to start your next set and you could be killing any metabolic effect. So stop talking to the girl in the yoga pants and sports bra and start your next set.

Mistake Four: You’re not paying attention to recovery.

You’ve certainly heard or read this before. You don’t make muscle gains during training, you make them after the session during sleep and recovery. So why are you and the afore mentioned yoga pants/sports bra girl out partying at 4AM? (okay, I know why!) Missing sleep, missing meals and missing your post-workout nutrition are three of the easiest ways to guarantee you will not reach your goals. Put down the beer funnel and get to bed.

Mistake Five: You’re not changing programs often enough/changing programs too often.

Most people fall into one of these two camps. Either they fall in love with a program and stay on it too long or they have gym ADD and jump around from one workout to the other without ever making any progress. Truth is, it can be tough to figure out when you’ve stayed with a program too long and when it’s time for a change. Objectively look at your current workouts. Did you give them enough of a chance for you to really learn the lifts and make progress? Have you been plateaued for the last 3 weeks but are hoping for some sort of breakthrough? If the answer is yes to either of these, it may be time to rethink how often you’re switching things up.



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