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5 Muscle-Building Moves You've Never Tried

Break plateaus or restructure your workout routines with these 5 moves to increase strength and pack on more muscle.

Exercise 2: Kettlebell Preacher Curl

Benefits: A kettlebell for biceps curls is a great idea, and when it comes to preachers, they become even more effective. Since the kettlebell is on a handle, most of the load rests below your hand. As you curl the weight, your biceps can stay fully contracted for more of the lift without becoming inactive at the top. Compare this to a regular barbell or dumbbell and you’ll notice that the load has no effect on the biceps when fully curled at the top of the lift. This new shift means you're optimizing the length-tension ratio by changing the position of the actual load.

Remember: Squeeze the weight up through the pinky finger as you pull to ensure you’re using your biceps fully, and try to keep a slight break in the wrist, in order to minimize the use of the forearms.

Video Demonstration:

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