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5 Muscle-Building Moves You've Never Tried

Break plateaus or restructure your workout routines with these 5 moves to increase strength and pack on more muscle.

Exercise 3: Barbell Z Press

Benefits: A Z press is a great way to expose virtually any deficiency in the body in minor muscle groups that can prove to be major factors in big lifts. This simultaneously challenges the mobility of your hip flexors, the extension of your mid back, your shoulder rotation, low back stiffness, hamstring flexibility, and abdominal strength.

The How To: Sit on your butt with straight knees and no back support. Simply perform a standard barbell shoulder press with good technique, while maintaining proper, upright posture the entire time. This exercise can also be performed with a dumbbell (unilaterally) to double as a great stability exercise for the obliques.

Video Demonstration:

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