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5 Muscle-Building Moves You've Never Tried

Break plateaus or restructure your workout routines with these 5 moves to increase strength and pack on more muscle.

Exercise 5: Eccentric Glute Hamstring Raises

Benefits: The Eccentric GHR taps into the negative strength of the hamstrings. That means a new way to pack muscle onto your wheels using only your bodyweight to do it. Since the hams have so many fast twitch muscle fibers in their bellies, it’s even more effective for strength gains.

The How To: From a kneeling position on the floor, secure your heels (not your Achilles tendons) under anything sturdy enough to handle your weight. Make sure you’re as comfortable as you can get. Maintain a tall posture and “fall” forward. Now, the catch is to slow your rate of descent as much as possible – the longer you can make it take to reach the floor, the better. Break your fall with your hands (in a push up position) and assist yourself back up to the beginning position. Do no more than 8 reps per set; this is a tough one.

Video Demonstration:

5 Move Wrap Up

Putting these key exercises to practice can make a world of difference to your program and your results. If you’re not feeling a “challenge” from your workouts on a day to day basis, there needs to be a change. Don’t fall asleep on your progress. Do the right thing, and your body will thank you for it in the long run.



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