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5 Toughest TRX Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

Sick of weightlifting the old-school way? Try these suspension training moves that’ll kick your ass and give you the muscle-building workout you crave.

1. TRX Single Leg Squat 
TRX straps at Mid Length
Place your elbows under your shoulders and, with tension on TRX, center right leg to anchor point. Place the opposite heel on ground to assist working leg. Then, lower your hips down and back, allowing the knee of your assisting leg to bend. Keep the majority of weight in your working leg and allow the weight to transfer to your assisting leg as needed. Drive through your heels, extend your hips and stand tall. Repeat with left leg.

Common Faults: Leaning too far back; bending too far forward at the waist

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Frankel says: “Most people don’t have the strength or balance it takes to do a single-leg squat on their own. TRX trains your ability to resist rotation in the hips and builds stronger hamstrings, glutes and core because you have to resist the force of your torso tilting or rotating. Often when you’re doing a 2-leg squat with body weight, you default to your weakest link and don’t notice if one hip rotates a little bit because you can counteract it with the other. When you have one leg off the ground all your weaknesses is exposed and you get immediate feedback. It develops durability because you can add more stress to muscle without adding more stress to the knees and spine.”



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