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5 Toughest TRX Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

Sick of weightlifting the old-school way? Try these suspension training moves that’ll kick your ass and give you the muscle-building workout you crave.

4. TRX Powerpull
TRX straps at Mid Length
Place your working hand beside your chest, and reach your free hand up the TRX main strap toward anchor point. Drop your shoulders down. In a circular motion, rotate your free arm toward the ground while extending your working arm. Keep your hips square. Drive your working elbow straight back while rotating your free arm up toward the anchor point.

Common Faults: Breaking at the hips; using rotational momentum to pull body up

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Frankel says: “Once you get good at two-handed rows do a single handed row and then try a powerpull. You’re reaching up as high as you can on strap and then lowering down like you’re doing row. It ends up being a one-armed row, but you’re adding this rotation so you’ll notice a long center line as you’re rotating around that plank and reaching up. The right side—the arm, the lat, and the back— are all getting worked at the same time. ”



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