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7 Reasons You’re Getting Weaker

Avoid these pitfalls to continue seeing the results you want.

You’re doing all you can to build strength and muscle in the gym. You’ve set aside dedicated time each week to lift weights. You’ve worked on your diet. Heck, you’ve even added in a few extra exercises in hopes that they will help you see more results.

But it’s not working. You’re getting weaker.

Don’t feel like you’re the only one. There are a ton of guys in the gym that show up on a daily basis only to test themselves on moves like the bench press and deadlift only to see their numbers going down rather than up. This can leave lifters frustrated and ready to abandon all of their hard work. In reality, the lack of progress may be a simple fix. You might be working out too frequently or slacking on your recovery. All of these small details can make a huge different in your results. Avoid these common pitfalls to see better results and prevent a backwards slide in your workouts.

1. You won't take extended time off.

The desire for more strength and muscle can leave you working tirelessly in the gym. All of this training can lead to a mental and physical breakdown. If you find yourself recovering slowly after workouts or losing the desire to train altogether, give yourself a week off from training. You can still stay active, just keep out of the weight room. You’ll come back rested and ready for more.

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