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7 Reasons You’re Getting Weaker

Avoid these pitfalls to continue seeing the results you want.

5. You’re intensity and volume are too high.

Overworking is far more common than guys sloughing off in the gym. In the quest for gigantic biceps, lifters are hitting every curl variation they can find with dumbbells, cables, and anything in between. This notion that more must be better carries over into their entire routine leading them to exhaust themselves every day in the weight room. Over time, this can lead to overtraining and decreased results. Rather than trying to hit your muscles from every angle imaginable, focus on the heavy hitters that will get you the most results in the minimum amount of time. Then, add some isolation variations you like at the end to finish off your routine. Don’t think you have to go overboard for incredible results. One or two isolation exercises for your biceps at the end of your workout should be plenty when your lifting session is filled with pull-ups and heavy rowing variations.

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