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8 Ways to Spice Up a Plank

Change up your boring plank to inject new life into your routine and make your abs pop.

3) Take your plank…elsewhere.

One of our favorite plank variations involves crawling. Traversing in a plank will blast your abs and your lungs.

Try the Flat Back Bear Crawl.

Go into a pushup plank. Bring one arm and the opposite leg forward to start crawling. Keep your back flat and keep your knees low – do not bring them higher than your hips otherwise you’ll push your hips upward and lose the “plank” effect. Lateral Bear Crawls are also awesome – in this variation, keep your knees straight and abduct your hips. See how far you can go in a minute.

4) Add a ball.

A ball can allow for different variations that would not otherwise be possible.

Try the Exercise Ball Pike.

Go into a pushup plank with your lower shins on a ball. Brace your core and stay flat. Pull your hips upward while the ball rolls toward your stomach. Keep your legs straight. More weight will transfer toward your hands as your torso moves toward the vertical. Once your hips are above your shoulders, return to the starting position.

5) Make it eccentric.

An eccentric component takes your isometric plank to the next level. Eccentric training can add new challenges and new levels of strength.

Try the Ab Wheel Roll Out.

Stand near a wall, a distance just larger than your height. Stand with your feet hip width apart and hold an Ab Wheel just in front of your feet. Slowly transfer weight to your hands as you roll forward toward the wall. Brace your abs to keep a neutral spine. Let the wheel hit the wall. Hold this position for a few seconds. Roll the wheel back and repeat.



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