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9 Ways to Crush Workouts Forever

The training, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to keep you at your peak performance for every workout.

There are a hundred ways to reach the same destination, but how do you maximize your workouts, week after week, session after session? Over time, your workout motivation and intensity can suffer if you're not in tune with what your body needs to progress. To successfully keep your training on the up and up, there's a number of factors to keep into consideration including your training, diet and lifestyle.

Optimize Your Nutrition

1. Hydrate

Drinking enough water will not only improve your energy, but water is necessary to keep the cartilage of your joints hydrated. If they’re not you'll increase inflammation, which can lead to arthritis. Not to mention joint pain will keep you from performing at your best.

2. Supplement with caffeine

Caffeine can have significant mental and physical effects on a person. In one study by The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness caffeine showed improvement in sprinter’s speed. Additionally, The Journal Of Strength and Conditioning Research found that caffeine ingestion enhances short-term performance and may favorably change the mood state response to exercise compared to a placebo. Caffeine supplements can affect people differently, but is safe and can add an edge to your workout if you respond favorably. However, to avoid possible dependency, cycle yourself on and off the supplements every couple weeks.=>

3. Eat more carbohydrates around your training

The low carbohydrate kick remains popular these days, but eliminating them completely can be very detrimental. Lowering or eliminating simple sugars and highly processed carbohydrate sources is definitely a proponent to better nutritional habits but utilizing quality sources remain a must for an athlete. Carbohydrate sources (even simple ones) when placed around training can have some very positive effects. Adding in a liquid carbohydrate source during training can help you replenish glycogen stores both in the liver and muscles and will increase your energy and aid in recovery. As for post-workout nutrition, consuming starchy carbohydrates within 1–2 hours of working out is also advantageous for recovery. After strenuous activity your body does a good job managing carbohydrate intake—starchy carbohydrate sources placed in this post workout window will aid in muscle recovery and keep you fresh for the next day of training. NEXT: Heating up... >>


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